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Retainers allow you to keep your confident smile

Once active treatment ends—in other words, once the braces come off or you are done with your Invisalign aligners—the retention phase begins. As the name implies, the retention phase is all about retaining the results of your treatment. While braces and aligners are excellent at moving teeth into place, once they are not being used, your teeth will want to migrate back to their original positions. Retainers will hold them where they are while they firm up, allowing you to keep your new smile. Our expert team at Reagin Orthodontics has created these guidelines to help you know what to expect from the retainer phase:

Successful treatment requires you follow doctor instructions regarding your retainer.

While your instructions may vary, these are the general rules to follow:

  • Keep your retainer in full time until the doctor tells you differently.
  • Never wear a retainer when eating unless it is a fixed retainer.
  • When removing your retainer, put it in its case.
  • Clean your retainer when you brush your teeth using warm but not hot water.
  • Take time to adjust to the retainer; your speech will be impacted for a few days but will get better.
  • Treat your retainer well so it does not break.
  • Do not cut pieces off the retainer.
  • Bring your retainer to every appointment at our Summerville and Cane Bay offices.
  • Take out removable retainers when swimming.
  • Keep retainers away from hot environments.
  • Call us if there are any problems with your retainer or you have a question.
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