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You have your braces on and you are looking forward to your beautiful smile that is in the not so distant future! You are dreaming of straight teeth and a bright smile! Dr. Reagin and the staff at Reagin Orthodontics will do the work on your straightening your teeth and bite, but you play an integral role in the bright part of your smile.

Caring for your teeth and preventing tooth decay with braces does take a little bit of extra effort. It is not insurmountable though!  Here are Dr. Reagin’s recommendations for healthy teeth and gums:

1-  Brush morning and night and after every meal.

2- Use a cone shaped brush called a proxa brush to get to hard to reach areas that your toothbrush cannot reach. Some orthodontic toothbrushes have a regular head on one end and a proxa brush on the other.

2- Floss with special flossers made just for braces wearers. These will allow you to get around the wires and pick up anything that may have been missed.

3- Use a fluoride rinse

4 – Avoid overindulging in sweets.

5- Continue to visit your dentist for regular check-ups.

If you do these five things you should have a great smile that you will want to show off when you braces are removed!

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