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We bet you and your children brush your teeth at least twice a day and you hopefully floss too! You probably also go to the dentist twice a year and trust your dentist to let you know if you need to do anything more. The majority of dentists will refer you to an orthodontist or oral surgeon if they see something that needs a specialist’s attention, but what if something is going on that they can’t see or you haven’t told them because you don’t think it is something you would talk to your dentist about it?

There are many reasons for a child or adult to see an orthodontist and you may not realize the health concerns an orthodontist can address. Many adults think that only children see orthodontists to straighten teeth, but that is not the case and behind crooked teeth is a cause that needs be corrected for a healthy bite for life!  An orthodontist may be able to help with many things for you or your child.

Reasons to Consult an Orthodontist

– Sleep apnea, mouth breathing and snoring
– Speech impediments
– Tooth decay and gum disease
– Problems chewing and eating
– Thumb or finger sucking
– Popping or clicking jaws
– Overlapping or crowding teeth
– A developing under bite, protruding front teeth

There may also be things that you think you don’t need a specialist for at all and your dentist can treat you, but often there is a big benefit from being evaluated by an orthodontist. An orthodontist goes to school for an additional two to three years after graduating from dental school specifically to learn about the jaw, teeth movement and more. They can evaluate a problem and often find the cause while providing the best approach to correct crowding, grinding or clenching teeth and TMJ pain to name just a few.

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Dr. Reagin offers a free consultation to all of his new patients. There is no long term commitment or risk in scheduling an appointment to discuss your dental concerns and hear what he recommends.  Dr. Reagin and the Reagin Orthodontics staff will talk with you, take multiple x-rays, pictures and do an exam prior to recommending treatment options. Call us today to schedule you or your child’s appointment!

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