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No, iTero is not a new Apple product your kids are going to be asking you for! It is the latest in technology for dental molds and impressions! We are always on the lookout to improve our patients experience and service and iTero will certainly do that!


iTero and Invisalign

The iTero is a digital scanner that will allow Dr. Reagin to take a 3-D digital image of a patient’s teeth and gum tissue! It is highly accurate and will not cause the annoying gag reflex or leave a bad taste in your mouth! Invisalign® patients can say goodbye to the goop and bad tasting dental plaster beginning in May.

iTero works by utilizing lasers and optical scanning to capture 3-D images of your teeth and bite. The detail is astonishing. All of this is done by using a hand-held photo wand that records 100,000 points of light, 50 microns apart. The process results in a highly accurate image, less wait time to start treatment, less time in Dr. Reagin’s chair and a much more comfortable process for the patient!

The best part of all of this fantastic technology is that the patient is provided with a clear picture of what their teeth look like before, during and after treatment! That is pretty exciting! It allows us to make a very specific plan to meet your needs and you can actually see images of how our plan will change your smile!

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