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Today is National Tooth Fairy Day and we cannot think of a better time to tell you about Reagin Orthodontics’ very own Tooth Fairy! We love when she flies in to our office bringing her own special magic everywhere she goes.

Did you know she can even come visit your school? Educating Summerville’s children about the proper way to care for their teeth is an important lesson that is taught in Kindergarten and First grade classes each year. When the Tooth Fairy teaches part of that lesson, children really listen!

Our Tooth Fairy makes the lesson more fun and of course more magical! She comes to your school in her sparkly gown and glittery wings with her wand in hand. Once in your classroom she talks with the children about the best way to care for their teeth and gives each student a chart so can they can keep track of when they lose each of their baby teeth.

The children can asks questions about dental care, as well as questions about her. One of our favorite questions that always gets asked is where does she get all the cash she leaves each night!

If you would like the Tooth Fairy to visit your child’s school during the 2014-2015 academic school year ask your teachers and administrators to contact Reagin Orthodontics at 871-4411 or to arrange a visit.

If you child has lost a tooth recently, visit, for a special message from her!

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