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Invisalign treatment tailored to the needs of teenagers

We can all remember our teenage years. Awkward, fun, and for many, some of the best years of our lives. While we might look back at some of our fashion choices and cringe, we look at those awkward moments as a rite of passage.

Teens today, however, see things differently. Their awkward moments are not merely preserved on faded Polaroids in the parents’ photo box. Instead, they are permanently online for the world to see. This means that teens are even more conscious of how they look and want to skip things like pimpled faces and shining braces.

While we cannot help with the pimples, we do have a solution to the braces: Invisalign Teen. This form of treatment is just as effective as the original Invisalign system, but it comes with a few special extras that are designed with teenagers in mind.

Teen girl with braces smiling

Even responsible teens forget things from time to time.

The biggest problem with Invisalign is also one of its best features: it is removable. This means that patients can take them out to eat, drink, brush, and floss. But it also means they need to remember to keep them safe when not wearing them and need to remember to put them back in once done. Even responsible teens will get busy with life and forget things on occasion.

The Invisalign Teen system is designed to accommodate a little forgetfulness. The aligners have a blue dot that indicates if the aligner has been worn enough. Teens and parents can use this to ensure the patient is wearing the aligners as often as they should and also use it to know when it is time to switch to the next aligner in the series. The system also gives you a few free replacement aligners should the patient lose some.

If your teen needs to straighten their smile but isn’t interested in braces, make an appointment to discuss Invisalign Teen.

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