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fluoride and braces

Most children and adults have experienced a fluoride treatment many times at their dentist’s office prior to their first visit to an orthodontist. Fluoride helps protect teeth from tooth decay. It is most effective when it is used prior to decay forming, but it can also repair decay in the beginning stages.

Fluoride continues to be beneficial to your teeth while your are in orthodontic treatment. It is one element, that in addition to brushing and flossing after every meal will make that smile of yours even more beautiful when your braces are removed. Fluoride treatments continue to protect against tooth decay while you are in braces and can also aid in preventing white spots, or decalcification, from forming around your braces. While in treatment fluoride mouthwashes, antibacterial rinses and toothpastes may also be added to add additional protection.

At Reagin Orthodontics, your complete dental health is important us. We will talk to you about how to care for your teeth and braces at each appointment and will recommend additional fluoride and other items as needed along the way.

Learn more about the benefits of fluoride in our previous posts here and here. You can also find out facts about fluoride from the American Dental Assoication.

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