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The American Dental Association spreads the word about dental health during the month of February, focusing on pre-schoolers and kindergartners. It is important to teach children how to care for their teeth at an early age in order for it to become a life long habit.

Everyone whether you wear braces or not should brush their teeth at least twice a day – in the morning and before bed for 2 minutes each time. If at all possible it is better if you can add in a third brushing after lunch. The sooner you brush after eating the less time food has to sit and grow bacteria. It is also important to floss after brushing to catch any particles that may have been missed by your toothbrush.

Braces wearers should brush after each time they eat. There are a lot more places for food particles to hide and get stuck in braces. There are special flossers for braces wearers to make sure all spaces are reached. These flossers look like a little Christmas tree and allow you to get under and around all the wires.

Reagin Orthodontics promotes dental hygiene month by sending out our own personal tooth fairy to visit schools and talk to children about their teeth and how to care for them! She has been visiting area schools for the past two weeks and we can’t wait to share some photos with you at the end of the month. In the meantime, visit our Facebook page to see a few and add an extra brushing into today!

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