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It’s the first week of September and fall sports have kicked off! Sports physicals are complete, uniforms and shoes have been purchased and you are ready to sit on the sidelines and watch your children in their latest sports endeavors.

There may be one thing that was overlooked though. While some sports require facial and mouth protection not all do, but just because it is not required doesn’t mean it is not a good idea.  Soccer, volleyball, basketball or any sport where there is potential to be hit by a ball or collide with another player can result in damage to soft tissues of the mouth, broken teeth or lost teeth. A mouth guard can prevent many of these injuries from happening.

Dr. Reagin recommends mouth guards for most sports and he provides them to all of his patients. The good new is you don’t have to be a patient of Reagin Orthodontics to make an appointment for a mouth guard. It is a simple phone call and he would be happy to fit you or your child for a custom mouth guard.

Many injuries that could cause long term damage to the mouth and teeth can be prevented by wearing a mouth guard, so call us today!

nterested in finding out more about mouth guards, read this article from our Spring Newsletter.

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