Halloween Candy for Braces Wearers

Halloween is around the corner which means lots of Halloween candy! While there are treats that can be enjoyed by braces and retainer wearers there are others that are better off avoided! Candies that are gummy and chewy can stick to your braces and brackets and be nearly impossible to remove. Gummy and chewy, as well […]

Back to School Tips for Braces Wearers

It is back to school time! Next week everyone will be headed back to the classroom and for braces, retainer and Invisalign wearers a change in routine takes some additional adjusting to. Dr. Reagin put together a list of items to make your school days a little easier. All of these items fit easily into a […]

Braces Friendly Food Ideas For Memorial Day

Do you have a new braces wearer in your family? With Memorial Day this weekend you might be worried about what they are going to eat at the neighborhood cookout. Carrots, pretzels, and caramel brownies are not the best choices for a someone with braces. At Reagin Orthodontics we recommend you avoid hard, crunchy foods […]