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Back to school items

It is back to school time!

Next week everyone will be headed back to the classroom and for braces, retainer and Invisalign wearers a change in routine takes some additional adjusting to.

Dr. Reagin put together a list of items to make your school days a little easier. All of these items fit easily into a zippered pencil bag or box. Slide that into your locker or bookbag and adjusting to taking care of your braces at school will be a breeze!

Reagin Orthodontics Top Ten Items for Caring for your Braces at School

1- Toothbrush and Toothpaste – It is important that you brush after you eat. Leaving food in your braces is not only unattractive and can cause bad breath, but it can also lead to tooth decay.

2- Flosser – Flossing goes hand-in-hand with brushing. The special flossing tools for braces help to reach where your toothbrush doesn’t.

3- Wax – Sometimes braces and wires rub sore spots on your mouth. Keeping wax with you can help protect the sensitive skin in your mouth.

4- Chapstick – Braces wears often get chapped lips. Using Chapstick regularly will prevent your lips from cracking.

5- Compact Mirror – Sometimes you just can’t make it to the bathroom to check your braces between classes. Having a compact mirror will allow you to take a quick look at your braces and take care of things in a hurry.

6- Elastics/Rubberbands – It is important you wear your rubberbands/elastics exactly how Dr. Reagin tells you too. Not wearing them can cause you to stay in braces longer. Keep extra with you in case one breaks and to replace them out after you eat.

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7- Invisalign or Retainer Case – The most common reason for needing a replacement appliance is because a patient accidentally threw one away. Put your retainer or Invisalign in its case at lunch and you won’t mistake it for trash on your lunch tray.

8- Musician’s Lip Protector – This is a must have for anyone that plays an instrument other than percussion or strings! This plastic guard slips over the wires and brackets on the front of your braces to protect your lips from any cuts or discomfort.

9- Mouth guard for Sports Players – Reagin Orthodontics provides each of their patients with a mouth guard. Mouth guards protect the teeth and gums from damage while playing sports. You and Dr. Reagin have put a lot of time into that beautiful smile, mouth guards help to take care of it!

10- Reagin Orthodontics t-shirt! – Okay, so you may not need to wear your Reagin Orthodontics t-shirt to take care of your braces, but Dr. Reagin loves it when you show your office spirit! There is an added bonus too, wear your t-shirt on the day of your appointment and you will get entered in our monthly drawing to win $25 cash!

Each of us hopes you have a wonderful start to the school year!

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