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Each April the dental community joins together to promote National Facial Protection month. It is the perfect time of year to bring attention to how important it is to protect your teeth, gum and full mouth from injury during all the spring sports.

Helmets and mouth guards go a long way when it comes to protecting your smile and bite. Reagin Orthodontics can help you with one of those items – a custom fitted mouth guard. Many injuries can be prevented by wearing this simple appliance.  Patients sometimes worry about being able to talk and breath while wearing one, but that is only a problem with the one-size-fits all variety found at retailers. Not with one specifically fitted for you by a dental professional.

The American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons put together this comparison chart with the pros and cons of the different type of mouth guards.

You do not have to be a patient of  Dr. Reagin’s to be fitted for a mouth guard. All you need to do is call and make an appointment! If you are a patient and need a mouth guard, make a point to talk to Dr. Reagin about being fitted prior to beginning sports. It is something he does for all of his patients that need one.  Trust us, once you have a mouth guard fitted for your mouth and feel how easy it is to wear one, you will wonder why you ever waited!

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